Elbow Pain

Elbow Pain, Symptoms, Causes and Treatment Tips

Why do you have elbow pain and how can you relieve it at home? Our professional osteopaths can help. 

The human body is made of many internal and external parts or organs that work together in harmony. The main external parts of our body are hands, foot, head, and sensory organs, through which we see, hear, smell, taste, and feel. Each organ has its unique characteristics to perform various functions.

The elbow is one of these external parts and in comprised of the joint where three long bones meet in the center share of the arm. The bone of humerus (the upper arm) meets the inward bone of the lower arm (ulna) and the external bone of the lower arm (span) to structure a pivot joint. The range and ulna additionally meet in the elbow to take into account turn of the lower arm. Let us examine what happens when you have elbow pain, its causes, symptoms and possible cures:

  • What are the Symptoms of the elbow pain?

We are all susceptible to feeling pain in our elbow because of the daily activities of our life. Elbow pain is normally the result of the bad positioning of the joints. Most elbow torment results from using the elbow in a manner that twists or forces the joint to its capacity. There are numerous sports, interests and occupations which require monotonous and repetitive hand, wrist or arm movements and make elbow pain more common. Elbow torment might periodically be because of joint inflammation. The symptoms of elbow pain incudes aching, inflammation and tenderness of the area.

  • When should you seek help for your elbow pain?

As our elbows are directly involve in the physical movement of our body, the pain can go for short or longer duration. So it is necessary to take immediate effective treatment of the elbow pain. The longer the delay in the treatment, the longer it will take for your elbow to recover.

  • What could be causing your elbow pain?

There are many causes of elbow pain. By far the most common are breaks and ligament sprains


The bones of the elbow can break (crack) into the elbow joint or contiguous the elbow joint. Normally, elbow crack causes sharp torment in the elbow, and X-ray imaging is utilised to make a diagnosis.


 Sprains are a stretch or tear to a ligament. One or more ligaments can be harmed in a sprain. This may happen when the elbow is hyper extended or just stuck in place. The seriousness of the damage will rely on upon the degree of harm to a solitary ligament (whether the tear is incomplete or complete) and the quantity of ligaments included.


  • How can you ease elbow pain at home?

Elbow agony is usually diagnosed just with a survey of the area and if necessary this will lead to a thorough physical examination. An osteopath can tell you if you require further testing. Further testing can incorporate X-ray or MRI tests.

Testing is extremely necessary as the treatment for elbow pain relies upon the exact reason for the pain. Medications for straightforward aggravation can incorporate immobilization, calming solutions, and icy application.

If you just have a sprain, there are some home tips for getting recovered from elbow pain:

  • Rest: Avoid aggravating elbow pain but don’t stop using the arm altogether, keep moving in the pain-free range.
  • Ice: Ice can be used to minimize the elbow pain. Use an ice pack or frozen peas for 5-10minutes at a time.
  • Pain Relievers: Over the counter pain relievers can help ease elbow pain.
  • Massage: Oil or cream massage can also help elbow pain.

If you have an ongoing elbow injury, osteopathy can help you. Get in touch today to see how one of our professionals can help.