HoHo..Oh. Back Pain Season, Part 3 – Driving Home For Christmas

Cars are often cited as a cause for aggravation of back pain. Rather than buying every contraption possible on the internet we have some simpler tips to help you get comfortable for your Christmas getaway…

1. Pick Your Car

All people are different shapes and sizes so if you are in the market for a new car try and take this into consideration too as some cars provide better care for your back than others. This might not help this Christmas but equally if you have the choice between your friend’s amazing Lamborghini to drive the length of the country vs. your own sturdy VW Golf then pick the one that will let you stand up straight without crying in pain at the end (I mean the Golf….definitely the Golf).

2. Prepare Your Space

Unless you are just popping to the next suburb for your Christmas lunch, the likelihood is you will be driving over an hour. So spend 90 seconds getting the seat you will be confined to more suited to you. Raise the back of the seat relative to the front, implement the lumbar support if there is one and raise the head rest so you can actually rest your head onto it.The problem is that the human body isn’t designed to spend long periods of time sitting down. Sitting down for long periods of time, combined with using your feet means you can’t support or stabilise our lower body, as we might when sitting in a chair. This leads to problems and lots of muscle fatigue, particularly in the lower back and hip flexors.

3. Take a Break

Taking a break to stretch your legs and your back (and your shoulders and your neck!) is as important as taking a break when you are tired. It adds a couple of minutes to your journey and will mean you don’t spend the first day of your trip fighting off the remnants of the ache.If you have found yourself reading this after you have arrive home from Christmas, come and see our team and we will help straighten you out!

We will be offline next week so we would like to wish all of our patients a very healthy Christmas and New Year. Thank you for being part of our clinic and we hope you have an injury free 2017!

The Perils Of Sitting – The Solution

The Perils Of Sitting - The Solution Third Space Sports Medicine

After last week’s sobering list of things that can happen when you sit for too long, here we are with a lovely pictogram of what you can try, no special equipment (apart from a swiss ball) needed.

1. Wobble Sitting

By challenging your balance while you sit you may be able to fool your brain into thinking you are doing ‘proper’ activity. If you don’t have a swiss ball to sit on, try getting yourself a wobble cushion for your desk chair, or a very bouncy cushion to sit on and try maintaining your position using your core.

2. Stretching Your Hip Flexors

Your hip flexors get very tight when you sit so make it a priority to stretch this muscle group for a minute for every hour you sit down.

3. Get Up!

What better solution to sitting too much than simply get up and move around? TV commercials, making tea or refilling a water bottle, bathroom breaks, switching lights on can all be an excuse to get off your bottom and simply move your body!

4. Sit-Stand-Sit

This is a luxury not many people have, particularly at work, but standing at your desk instead of simply sitting can have a hugely positive effect on your wellbeing, from improved circulation to less joint stiffness.

5. Cat and Cow Stretches

This is simplified and generally any form of activity that encourages joint and muscle stretching such as pilates or yoga can vastly improve your general flexibility, muscle tone and joint mobility and ultimately your overall sense of health and wellbeing.

This article was shared from the archived work of Bonnie Berkowitz and Pattison Clark who interviewed leading biomechanists, National Cancer Institute investigators (US) and the inventor of the treadmill desk in Arizona. 

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