EPOC Training

Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption

Why you need to know about EPOC

We all want to get maximum results in the shortest amount of time. What would you say if I told you that the type of exercise you do can help to burn more calories whilst you are sitting writing that presentation? This physiological effect is called excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, or EPOC. Want to find out how to achieve this? We need to geek out a bit….

EPOC is the amount of oxygen required to restore your body to homeostasis (basically its normal level of metabolic function). Exercise that places a greater demand on the anaerobic energy pathways (higher intensity) can increase the need for oxygen long after the workout has finished, thereby enhancing the EPOC effect. During more steady state, lower intensity exercise, the body’s aerobic system can replenish the “oxygen debt” and you recovery quickly. This result is you only burn the calories during the actual workout. High intensity exercise is the best way to stimulate the EPOC effect.

The body expends approximately 5 calories of energy to consume 1 liter of oxygen. Therefore, increasing the amount of oxygen consumed both during and after a workout, can increase the amount of net calories burned. Burn more calories DURING and AFTER the workout…WIN WIN.

A perfect class for this is AFTERBURN. This type of training can be beneficial even if you are training for longer more endurance based events such as a marathon or triathlon. You will find that when you do go back to slower, steady state cardio, you’ll be able to maintain that longer with more ease.

Nutritionally you will need to ensure you “refill the tank” after this type of training. You will have depleted your muscle glycogen (energy stores) and the first hour after is the best time to replenish these stores. A meal containing quality protein, carbohydrates and a small amount of fat is idea. Head down to Natural fitness food and grab yourself the perfect refuel meal!


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Human Carpentry

Yesterday I went to watch a particularly interesting surgery – Sacroiliac Fusion using the Si-Bone implant system.  Essentially what happens is three triangular shaped titanium rods are chiselled through the joint to hold the back of the pelvis in place.

These patients are disabled with their pain before their surgery – manual therapy like osteopathy and physiotherapy had been done to exhaustion and wasn’t giving any lasting relief. However, after the surgery, these patients often “bound out of bed” (in the words of Mr Khai Lam, the surgeon performing the days surgery). A great result all round. Remarkable but the good news for the vast majority of patients is that surgery isn’t usually needed and a few visits to the good old osteopath or physiotherapist should get you the strength and movement back into your joints.

Have a look at the video for exactly how it is done (don’t worry, all animated not real life gore) and the picture for highly technical, yet remarkable carpenter-like equipment used during the procedure.


STOP Foam Rolling Your ITB!

Foam rolling is painful at the best of times, but if you have been rolling your ITB you are a glutton for punishment with no benefit to you! The ITB is not a muscle so won’t respond to deep massage, what you need is to loosen the muscles that influence it, namely the TFL, Quads and Hamstrings.

This single stretch for your TFL is easy for anyone to do and takes half the time of foam rolling which I call a double win. For other stretches for your quads or hamstrings please see our YouTube Channel here.

Open Up & Stretch

Sitting is a sad reality of modern life. So if we can’t reduce the amount we sit for whatever reason, we can try and do somethings to counteract the effects.

This single hip stretch can open out the hips, stretch the quadriceps muscles and  prevent that joint restriction and muscle tension from causing more problems above in your back or below in your knees.

Bag Yourself NO Injuries

Bags are functional, beautiful, essential, but also sometimes painful? 

Carried incorrectly a bag of any size or shape can cause you pain – in your neck, shoulders and back mainly. Your muscles have to work too hard and your joints start to ache.

However, it is possible to follow just three simple guidelines when carrying a bag to prevent this pain and allow you to carry the bag of your choice whenever you like! Hurrah!

Absolutely fABulous Workout To IMPROVE Back Pain

Sit-ups are so last century. Find out how to get abs of steel and reduce back pain at the same time.  They can exacerbate the seated position we have in our working life, putting strain on the ligaments and small postural muscles of your lower back making them weak and achy. 

This week, I’ve put together three incredibly effective but back friendly exercises that will improve your core strength and protect your back from injury. 

If you try these or are already having problems with back pain, don’t hesitate to come and see one of our team, no challenge too big and we can get you BACK on track in no time. 

Ham-fisted Hamstring Stretches?

Hamstrings are vital to helping us run, walk, cycle, sit, stand. You name the movement and generally we need them.

Often a simple hamstring stretch hasn’t hit the spot so below I take you through the stretch from the basics so you can spot where you are going wrong and improve your technique, be better at preventing injuries and recover more quickly from injury and exercise then watch the video below.

In summary, I show you the WHY behind your hamstring stretch to help you understand why you might be going wrong. I show you some modifications for the basic hamstring stretch so that you can target tighter areas of the muscle that you find and get the most effective stretching time possible.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to stretch we are more than happy to help you out and do the hard work of stretching all your muscles for you and so come to use for treatment instead then book on the link to the right and we will be very happy to help!

Best Calf Forward

A foam roller is an invaluable tool, not just for a foot rest while you watch TV but to actually improve the flexibility and function of your muscles. 

Last week we looked at how to use your foam roller to release your quads, hamstrings and adductors, this week we are looking below the knee at the calf muscles. Not just the back at the gastrosoleus group and tibialis posterior muscle but the front as well – the muscles that lift your toes and your foot to the sky. 

This routine takes about a minute per leg to complete and you can even do it while you are watching TV. 

If you don’t have a foam roller, you can purchase them online or via one of our clinics and if you don’t want to buy a foam roller and would prefer to come to use for treatment instead then book on the link to the right and we will be very happy to help. 

Thighs of Flexible Steel

A foam roller is an invaluable tool, not just for a foot rest while you watch TV but to actually improve your

Over the next three weeks we will look at how you can put your foam roller to good use and improve the flexibility, tone and recovery rate for the muscles in your legs.

This week we are looking at the thighs – Quads at the front, hamstrings at the back and adductors on the inside from knee to pelvis. This routine takes less than 5 minutes and you can even do it while you are watching TV. In fact, definitely do it in front of the TV because you are likely to get distracted and be on your foam roller for longer, which will only benefit your muscles in the longer term!

If you don’t have a foam roller, you can purchase them online or via one of our clinics and if you don’t want to buy a foam roller and would prefer to come to use for treatment instead then book online using the tab to the right and we will be very happy to help.