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Podiatrists Third Space Sports MedicineWilliam comes to us in his capacity as expert biomechanical/sports Podiatrist. He produces the highest quality orthotics and shoe supports whilst striving to improve foot and leg mechanics. William has a specialist interest in running and sport related biomechanics that lead to symptoms such as heel pain, achilles pain and shin pain. 

Since graduating form the Auckland University of Technology in 2011, William has worked within private practice and has worked within multi-disciplinary health clinics, joining our Third Space Medicine team from the prestigious Harris and Ross Clinic in Manchester. William is a firm believer in a holistic approach to the management of lower limb related injury/pathology and understands the importance of addressing the factors that led to the development of the injury in order to prevent its reoccurrence.

Many of our patients visit us after seeking endless ways to treat and cure foot and ankle pain. Some have visited specialists, received therapy and orthotics, others have been given poor advice or feel that little can be done to treat the discomfort and daily annoyance that foot injuries can cause. At Black Swan Podiatry we are true experts in diagnosing and treating all foot related pain, including those that have failed to respond to previous treatment.