Practitioners Third Space Sports MedicineRosie Scott B.Sc. B.Ost; Osteopath

Rosie spent time in Australia working with elite athletes including the Australian, New South Wales and Queensland cricket teams as well as all of the Sydney based Rugby league teams competing in the Telstra Premiership and members of the Sydney University Boat Club who competed at Beijing in 2008 and in the Oxbridge Boat race 2009 (Isis). She specialises in not only rehabilitation of injuries but has a strong emphasis on prevention of injury and creating an environment to allow the body to function to maximum potential.

Rosie has post-graduate training from the Sutherland Cranial College to allow her to excel in her other specialty, treating mothers and babies, taking out the strain of labour and of being born leaving both of you more comfortable and able to enjoy this exciting time.  Rosie is qualified in Medical Acupuncture with training from the leading therapist Dr Anthony Campbell at the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital allowing her to treat patients with both musculoskeletal and non-musculoskeletal complaints as a standalone treatment and in conjunction with osteopathic treatment.

Practitioners Third Space Sports MedicinePeter Murphy B.Sc MCSP MHCPC; Physiotherapist – Book Now

Peter is an empathetic and selfless individual who prides himself on his willingness to help others. Both intuitive and a great listener developing a true perspective of his patient’s needs while respecting the rights and dignity of individuals which he feels are the key aspects for generating a holistic relationship. Peter has a background in professional athletes, previously working at Crystal Palace FC and coming to the clinic from the British Military rehabilitation centre in Colchester.

Practitioners Third Space Sports MedicineKatie Oswell M.Ost BAppSci (Osteo) DPO; Osteopath – Book Now

Katie became interested in osteopathy as a teenager, after suffering with headaches. After a few treatments, which turned into an introduction of how osteopathy approaches the body as a whole, she applied as an undergraduate at RMIT University, Melbourne. This led to a masters of Osteopathy in which Katie turned her focus to common conditions experienced during pregnancy, an interest that developed whilst working in the largest maternity hospital in Melbourne, the Royal Women’s Hospital. During this time she was based on the maternity, special care and neonatal intensive care wards, gaining invaluable experience working with new mothers, newborns and premature babies.

Since relocating to London in 2010, Katie has worked in private clinics in both England and Scotland. She completed a post-graduate diploma in Paediatrics and gained further clinical experience whilst working at the Osteopathic Centre for Children and the infamous Kane & Ross practice in central London. As a swimmer, and newly converted runner, Katie understands the importance of a holistic approach to sports injuries. In order to address the problem Katie focuses on hands on treatment, injury prevention, rehabilitation and integration between healthcare practitioners.

Practitioners Third Space Sports MedicineSophie Apps B.Sc MCSP MHCPC; Physiotherapist- Book Now

Sophie gradually started seeing more sports injuries privately outside of her working hours, and personally became involved in racing more regularly as a runner and entered the competitive world of Triathlon as an amateur.

As an amateur triathlete and an all-terrain runner, her love of  treating sports injuries is innate. She is lucky enough to be involved with a fantastic range of individual sportsmen and women, teams and travel abroad with sports clubs – but she can treat all types of musculoskeletal disorders, which she loves doing as part of Third Space Sports Medicine.

Practitioners Third Space Sports Medicine

Matt Langford M.Ost; Osteopath – Book Now

Matthew previously worked in the heart of the city until a career change occurred once he found his true passion – manual drug-free healthcare (use osteopathy if you like). Osteopathy has given him a new in-depth perspective on health that is part of a patient oriented approach to healthcare solutions specific to that individual. Experience treating via Sports Massage and Medical Acupuncture has been combined with the more subtle skills of Fascial, Balance-ligamentous-tension and Visceral manipulation. Matthew is a keen sportsman having gained sporting colours from UCL for cricket. He still enjoys playing football, tennis and squash when he finds the time away from further study!

Practitioners Third Space Sports MedicineClaudia Grifoni B.Sc MCSP MHCPC; Physiotherapist – Book Now

Anna has always been interested in the human body and having a healthy lifestyle. Having enjoyed several sports growing up and requiring help with injuries, she realised the power of Osteopathy.

Claudia graduated in Physiotherapy in Italy in 2006, then completed a Master in Musculoskeletal Disorders in Brussels in 2008 alongside which she also became a certified Clinical Pilates Instructor and started teaching in Italy. In late 2008 Claudia moved to London where she gained over 9 years of experience in private Physiotherapy and Pilates clinics. In 2015 she also became a certified Connect Therapy practitioner after completing the full course in London and in Australia.

Practitioners Third Space Sports MedicineAnuvrat Signh B.Sc M.Ost; Osteopath & Physiotherapist – Book Now

Anuvrat is a passionate osteopath and physiotherapist, who integrates manual therapy and exercise therapy to meet your needs and lifestyle.  Anuvrat studied physiotherapy from India and completed a postgraduate Masters degree in Osteopathy from the British School of Osteopathy.

Anuvrat combines manual medicine, rehabilitation and training, not only to recover from injury, but also improve performance and lifestyle. Anuvrat focuses on easing pain and restoring movement along with but going that extra bit to try and prevent similar problems from recurring by incorporating postural and movement re-education. She has holistic approach towards body, use of exercise for core stability, arthritis, and fitness.

** Anuvrat is currently on maternity leave, due back August ’20**

Practitioners Third Space Sports MedicineAmbre McGee M.Sc MCSP MHCPC; Physiotherapist- Book Now

In recent years, she was appointed one of the lead Sports Physiotherapists for the International Tennis Federation travelling Europe court-side for high level tournaments. Ambre maintains strong clinical relationships between sports doctors citywide and believes a close knit multi disciplinary approach to injury management can accelerate recovery. Her professional philosophy combines a clinical balance between the importance of recovery and the optimisation of performance using the fundamental training principles of strength and conditioning.

Practitioners Third Space Sports MedicineHarinee Ohri B.Sc MCSP MHCPC; Physiotherapist- Book Now

Carry graduated with a Masters degree from the British School of Osteopathy and treats people from many walks of life, enjoying the unique clinical challenges that individuals bring. Carry is also a Fellow of Applied Functional Science. She is fascinated by the role of biomechanics as part of a holistic approach to health, combined with behavioural and motivational aspects of clinical presentations. She enjoys the challenges of diverse practice life and working to understand the of complexities of the human form and it’s interactions, especially in context of chronic problems. In her spare time Carry is a rowing coach on the Thames and enjoys different types of sport including cycling, running, trekking and cross-country skiing!

She is exceptional at spotting patterns in injuries enabling patients to get back to performing at full blast or simply experiencing the quality of active life they desire.

Practitioners Third Space Sports MedicineTim Holman B.Sc MCSP MHCPC; Physiotherapist- Book Now

Tim is a registered Sports Physiotherapist and prior to joining Third Space Sports Medicine, he has worked with elite athletes on behalf of Sports Medicine Australia and the English Institute of Sport. He is also certified in sports massage, dry needling and rehab therapy enabling him to work with the Australian Football League and Premier League Football.

Tim believes in focusing on therapy that compliments training to bring out client’s physical and physiological best. He believes with the right instruction from trainers and therapists everyone is capable of pursuing athletic movement. He considers the body as your most valuable investment you can make and that optimal function is achieved through proper movement. Tim trusts his ability for spotting poor movement patterns and treating musculoskeletal disorders which will put you on the path to being able to enjoy life pain free.

Practitioners Third Space Sports Medicine

Stavros Daoukas B.SC Dip.; MSK Sonographer, Physical Therapist – Book Now

Stavros completed a BSc (Hons) in Sports Science followed by a 2-year MSc in Sport Rehabilitation, a course focused solely in Sports and Exercise Medicine, specialising in musculoskeletal assessment, diagnosis, and exercise rehabilitation. He is also certified in Soft Tissue Therapy and Sports Massage after attaining the highest qualification of its kind in the UK, the BTEC Level 5 Professional Diploma in Soft Tissue Therapy.

Starting in the NHS in the Rheumatology Department at Mile End Hospital, he soon progressed into professional football. Stavros’ first job was at Barnet FC giving him a firm foundation in elite level rehab management and treatment of injuries. Now, he is currently working at Queens Park Rangers FC leading and assisting the assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation of U23 and academy players.

Stavros has developed a strong repertoire of treatment techniques including soft tissue release, joint mobilisations, kinesiotaping, and exercise rehab. He is passionate about integrating strength and conditioning programs into his clients’ care. With a keen eye for movement analysis, Stavros also evaluates and analyses his patients’ posture and biomechanics to provide active and functional exercise based correction and education on preventing injuries, whether they are recreational or elite athletes.

Stavros practices with the ethos of not just treating the symptom but identifying and fixing the source of the pain. He works towards fixing the problem once and for all.

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