Triathlon Massage

Can Massage Help Prepare You For Competing In A Triathlon?

Triathlon is a serious sport requiring discipline. Many athletes, not just triathletes use massage before and after the event to help them get ready.

Thanks to the fact that triathlon is so demanding, injuries are common during both training and the event itself. This is due to the fact that almost every part of the body is put under strain, including the legs and ankles whilst running, the buttocks during cycling, and the arms and legs during swimming. For this reason, training properly is imperative.

How massage can help Triathlon participants

A lot of sporting injuries are only truly noticed in the days after the exercise has taken place. If something isn’t put into place to prevent this from happening, you may find that you have to take days away from your training schedule when you would much rather simply continue training for the next event that you have planned.

Massage can help your body and muscles to relax after training or a race, and can also be soothing for your mind, too, which needs to be stress free for your performance to be at its peak. By having a massage treatment, you are able to improve the circulation around your body, which means that a steady supply of blood will be taken to the very areas that need it the most in order to recover from the exercise that has been done. It can be helpful to have a number of massage sessions after demanding exercise, including on the day itself and on the few days that follow. This should mean that you don’t have to worry about having to take time away from training, leaving your body ready to focus on the next upcoming event.

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