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We know how important exercise is to you, but we also know that it is a stress on your body. Sports massage therapy helps the body to recover by improving blood flow, lymphatic drainage and helps the muscle tissues repair quickly, leaving you to get on with pushing yourself to the limit.

Tim Holman  – Book Now

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After completing a BSc (Health Science/ Movement Science) at Sydney University in 2013, Tim began working in Rehabilitation Therapy in Sydney’s CBD for both private and government client bases on behalf of a renowned physiotherapy clinic. Tim was fortunate enough to work for elite athletes on behalf of Sports Medicine Australia and further certification in sports massage, dry needling and rehab therapy allowed for further opportunities with the Australian Football League and NSW Premier League Football. Tim recently completed his MBA (Health), and is currently studying a Masters of Science (Exercise Science), with plans to pursue Osteopathy in the near future. He enjoys working in environments, such as Black Swan, where therapy and training compliment each other to bring out everyone’s physical and physiological best.
Tim believes everyone is capable of pursuing athletic movement, and, with the right instruction from trainers and therapists, everyone is can do it. Your body is the longest and most valuable ongoing investment any of us make, so make the absolute most of it. Optimal function is achieved through proper movement, and Tim hopes his knack for spotting poor movement patterns and treating musculoskeletal disorders assist you to return to life and your passions in a pain-free, efficient and enjoyable manner.

Lesley Brown – Book Now

Sports Massage Therapists Third Space Sports Medicine

With a background in competitive dance hindered by injury Lesley has been studying movement for many years and the best ways to improve it. After spending a few years working in the City she began the transition into the health sector with Sports Coaching and Sports Massage Therapy Qualifications. As a qualified Crossfit Level 1 Trainer and Olympic Weightlifting coach she is no stranger to the stresses and strains that intense training can put on your body and she tries to find the best ways to prevent injury through treatment. She is now beginning the journey to gain her Physiotherapy Degree in London and enjoys helping anyone whatever their everyday life throws at them.

Sara Packard – Book Now

Sara’s clients range from 12 to 80 years and from all different sporting backgrounds: netball, badminton, tennis, weight training and running. She sees athletes that compete in professional golf, Para Badminton and elite 800m runner. Each client is assessed to see which treatment would suit them the best, whether sports massage, dry needling, kinesio taping or acupuncture. Since learning Fascial Manipulation her client base has expanded to help those that have severe pain or lack of movement, releasing their pain completely.

Sara qualified in acupuncture (Traditional Chinese Medicine) with the aim of creating a Chronic Pain Clinic. Conditions treated include insomnia, profuse sweating, gout, amenorrhea, anxiety, sickle cell, fibromyalgia, ITB syndrome, frozen shoulder, knee pain, tinnitus, menopause, post bladder cancer and depression.

Sara has worked at many international Tournaments, issuing First Aid, Taping, assessing injuries, stretching and sports massage pre and post match.
Tournament Experience:
World Athletics Championships ,August 2017
GLTA Tennis Tournament, October 2015
England Badminton : Under 15 and 11’s, March 2015
England Badminton: Under 18’s, March 2014

Sports massage should be a part of your normal training routine. Not only does it make you feel great afterwards, it helps to improve blood and lymphatic flow to speed recovery and tissue repair allowing you to run faster, increase strength and stay injury free.

Book in today and discover why everyone is addicted to sports massage, although be warned, it is not for the faint hearted and has brought tears to the eyes of the toughest of clients!