Massage for Runners

 Marathon Running and The Benefits of Massage

Marathon running is a real achievement. However your body can suffer without the right treatment like a massage.


Running a marathon is something that a lot of people decide that they want to do in their lives, but there are very few that manage to do it successfully. If you are one of the people who want to do this, and are taking it to the stage of actually training for the event, then it is important that you understand just how much of a strain it can put on your body. Running a marathon is very much an endurance challenge; putting your body under a type of strain that isn’t natural, for usually several hours at any one time. Running for any length of time can put certain parts of your body under pressure, including your knees and ankles, thanks to the fact that you are repeatedly jarring these parts of your body every time your feet hit the floor.

It is vital that a marathon runner looks after their body, as they need to give themselves the best possible chance of being successful on the day of the race. In addition to the training that is done, it is also important that they eat the right types of food – particularly right before a race, and this could be the difference between being able to complete the distance and not managing to do so. It is common practice, for example, for runners to eat meals heavy in carbohydrates the night before a race, as this type of energy would be able to sustain them more than any other.

Typical injuries of a marathon runner

As with any type of exercise, due to the fact that you can never predict the conditions or the actions of those around you, almost any kind of injury is possible whilst running a marathon. However, there are some that are more likely than others. Two of the most common injuries are pulled muscles and shin splints, which can occur when running to a level that is pushing your own personal fitness. A great way to help avoid these types of injuries is to warm up properly before the start of the race. A few muscle stretches probably won’t be enough; you need to make sure that you spend an adequate amount of time doing your recommended exercises. In addition to this, you should be mindful of your own limits whilst you’re exercising. Many people get caught up in the heat of the moment and try to push themselves too hard during a race, but this is not a great thing to do – because putting your body under more pressure that it was used to during training may result in an injury.

How massage can help marathon runners

Whenever your body has been under strain, particularly strain that is repetitive like running, it is important that you do everything you can to encourage the healing process. Massage is a great idea, as it helps to improve the circulation to your muscles, therefore giving them a helping hand when they are fatigued. This is not only a good idea after a race, to make sure that you’re not in too much pain the day after exerting yourself, but it is also great to take the opportunity of a massage during training if you can. This would mean that your body would recover more quickly between your training sessions, and you would therefore have more time on focussing yourself on improving your fitness and stamina to reach your targets before the day of the race. If you know that massage might give you the edge that your body needs to achieve its full potential, it is a great idea to make the most of it while you have access to it.

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