Massage for Recovery

Massage for Training Recovery

Are you training for an important sporting event. Find out how massage can help you take your training to the next level.


Training hard is something that the majority of athletes understand that they have to do. Indeed, if they didn’t train in this way, they wouldn’t be able to compete against others who are at such a high level of fitness. Every time an athlete trains, they push their body as far as possible whilst trying to achieve things better and faster than they did the time before. This means that, slowly, their bodies become capable of more impressive things, meaning that they can reach even higher in their own competitive pursuits.

Training injuries

Nothing is more frustrating than when you get injured during training. Because there are no opponents on the training field, many wrongly believe that it isn’t possible to be injured; however this is not the case. Any number of things could lead to an injury during training, including not warming up or warming down correctly, the weather while training, an incorrect technique, and many other things that you may not expect.

Many injuries that you sustain during training can be treated at home, however it is important to know how to tell whether you need medical attention or not. Firstly, if a part of your body hurts, it is important to assess whether you believe a bone to be broken. If you’re in any doubt at all, you should go to your local hospital, however usually if you can move the body part fairly easily without too much pain, you won’t have broken it. Instead, you may have pulled a muscle or twisted something. If you notice that a part of your body is swollen, you should apply ice or a cold compress and leave it there for as long as possible. You should find that this is a good way to ease the pain, and the swelling should reduce. If, however, it is not swollen and you feel as though you have pulled a muscle, it is better to apply heat to the area, as this will encourage the muscle to relax and will therefore ease the pain. As a general rule, if the injury has now shown signs of healing in two to three days, or if you believe that it is causing you more pain than you would have expected, you should always seek medical attention.

How massage can help your recovery

No matter which type of sport you choose to take part in, you can be certain that your body will have been under great strain by the time your exercise session is over. Many athletes choose to have a sports massage after exercise – and for good reason. It has been shown to speed up the recovery time of athletes, and can help small niggles from turning into injuries that could be more serious.

Another great benefit of sports massage after training is that it can help you to calm down and enter a more positive state of mind. If you have had a particularly bad training session, you might find that rather than experiencing the endorphin rush so often associated with exercise, you feel as though you are more stressed than when you started. For this reason, massage is an excellent idea, as it has been shown to reduce cortisol – the stress hormone – meaning that you would start to calm down.

It is clear that sports massage is a great idea to both prevent and recover from training injuries, and for this reason you should look into attending a session. If it is likely to speed up recovery and improve your performance, it should be a great thing to do in order to progress in your sporting life.

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