Massage for Elite Sports

Massage For Elite Sports

If you partake in a sport at a semi-professional level then you should really consider regular massages to keep your body in check.


If you want to play sports at any competitive level, it is incredibly important that you take care of your body both before training and afterwards. Whenever the body is put under strain, like when exercising excessively, both muscles and lean tissues are tested to their limits, and if the body is not looked after correctly, long term damage can be caused. If, for example, a muscle injury occurs during sport, you may find that you have to take time away from sport in order to allow your body to heal.

However, athletes can do many things to ensure that this is not a problem during sport. One thing that is absolutely essential is keeping the body in the best condition possible. This can include training regularly and eating and drinking correctly. A professional athlete will know exactly what they should eat, and when, in order to give them the best possible chance at getting a good result on a day when they are competing.

It is also important that athletes understand how to warm up their body and warm down again when the exercise is over. Things such as muscle stretches at the beginning and end, and sports massage when an exercise session is over, can really help to avoid injury and to help fix any minor injuries that may have already occurred.

Common injuries for elite athletes

When taking part in a sporting activity, the list of injuries that could potentially occur is pretty much endless. This is due to the fact that, on the field of play, almost anything could happen, whether it is due to poor preparation, a foul by the other team, or even just bad luck on the day.

One of the injuries that many complain about is pulled muscles. Although this is unlikely to cause long-term injury, it can often mean the end of an exercise session as further damage can be caused if you continue to exercise on a pulled muscle. If you are part of a team, such as in a football or rugby game, this could make an impact on the team that you’re playing for.

Not only could this type of injury occur, but there are also other injuries which may be due to landing incorrectly or, if playing sports, a bad tackle. These include:

– Sprained ankle

– Achilles tendon injury

– Dislocated shoulder

– Bone fracture

In addition to injuries that may occur on the field, the elite athlete is also at risk of long term damage, including things like arthritis. This is incredibly common in athletes who have put extreme strain on their joints during their sporting careers, and because this is so common, it is important that everything possible is done to make sure that you are prepared for exercise, and that you help your body to recover afterwards.

How massage can help elite sports athletes

It is no secret that professional athletes have been making the most of sports massage for many years, and this is because it can be very helpful to encourage the body to warm-down after exercise. Studies have shown that massage can improve circulation, which helps to heal muscles and avoid any further injury that may have begun during exercise.

In addition to this, there is a huge psychological benefit of massage, as it can help athletes to calm down and relax after a stressful sporting event. This means that, at the end of the session, they will be able to face what is ahead of them whilst being able to leave any negative emotions associated with what they have just faced behind them.

Ultimately, sports massage can be incredibly beneficial, and this is why it is used so often today.

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