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“Thank you both so much for restoring my middle-aged post-natal body to something resembling its former self: sciatica, postural problems, over-extension, hernia weakness and post-caesarian discomfort all greatly improved (the minor hazards of having small but heavy children that nobody tells you about).”

“Third Space osteopaths are all about great service and professionalism. Rosie and her team helped sort a problem that I had had plenty of treatment on and had previously not been getting and better, probably due to a correct diagnosis and great treatment. I returned to sport with no recurrences and have just completed a 6-month ski season injury free. Highly recommended!”

“In a word – brilliant. Being located within the Printworks building and because you guys talk to the gym staff, my treatment gets reflected in the exercises I do. The staff can be aware of an injury and can help with ensuring any recovery exercises are done correctly. So my recovery is quicker and better. Great personalised service for both the short term “fixes” and the longer term strengthening and improvement. They are awesome.”

“I see the team pretty regularly, most recently during my pregnancy. It has always been really easy to set up an appointment – I love that I’m able to speak to them directly rather than having to go through reception, making it feel more personal and that I’m not just “another client”. They are very professional and extremely good at what they do. They put effort into explaining to me what the treatment is doing, how it works and showing me how I can maintain myself. I’ve been to a lot of masseuses, chiropractors, physiotherapists and osteopaths over the years both good and bad, but Black Swan is definitely at the top of my list.”

“Everyone at Third Space is helpful, friendly, flexible and, most important, competent. For example, Rosie diagnosed a problem (pain in foot/ankle) correctly in 10 minutes when doctors and high-powered specialist consultants failed to come to any diagnosis in 3 years.”

“My daughter and I both visited Third Space Sports Medicine for various reasons – my daughter was teething and seemed to hold a lot of tension in her head, neck and shoulders since birth and I in turn suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome. I can honestly say Rosie completely ‘healed’ my daughter and I am only now, close to a year after my last visit, am beginning to suffer from my symptoms again. I need to make another appointment! She’s fabulous.”

“I am a keen runner and have always been in relatively good health, luckily avoiding any injury issues. I had routinely been running for up to 2 and a half hours at a time until one day, my knees started playing up and I couldn’t run for longer than 5 minutes! I quickly sought the team’s advice to sort this out. Everyone was friendly, inquisitive and extensive. They displayed a vast amount of knowledge about both how to rehab the knee and also how to prevent reoccurrence of the injury going forward. After about 4 sessions whilst also performing the exercises suggested in my own time, I am now happy to say that I am injury free and am back up to the level I was at before the injury. Thank you for all your help. I truly appreciate it.”

“Having an injury a two months before running a marathon and after months of hard training seemed like the end of the world at the time… But no!! The team helped me recover fast and easily. Even after the first session I was back in full training mode. Their treatment helped me get back in shape immediately but more importantly, it also helped learn how to work with my body before and during the marathon. I managed to finish it very happily and feeling great! Thanks, you helped me with this important achievement!”

“The treatment that I received was the difference between making it to the finish (of the marathon) and not even making it to the start. You were quick to understand not only my injuries but also my goals and successfully balanced the needs of both.”

“I went to see Rosie originally regarding tension in my neck and shoulders. On our initial session she did an assessment of my posture and identified all areas of imbalance, this I found to be very reassuring as she immediately was able to see what problem areas I had and did so in a very efficient and professional manner. In terms of treatment she seems to be able to get to the source of the problem really quickly and I found after just two sessions that I felt better. Overall I find Rosie very knowledgeable and experienced and feel completely comfortable being treated by her.”

After 100miles cycling, Rosie and her team managed to bring my muscles back to life. With her expert hands and techniques, I had immediately a massive relief and I trust her now any time I have another sport event to be my ‘post traumatic’ treatment!”

I would, and have strongly recommend Rosie and her team who have worked miracles which have defeated numerous practitioners and all with consummate professionalism and charm. That she has has done it so quickly has been astonishing and my quality of life is massively improved.”

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