Running Hot & Cold

Ice packs and heat packs are very useful tools in the management of acute and chronic injuries. However the advice about which pack to use when is often conflicting and inaccurate. 

This week our video explains why you use each, when and how to use them safely so you can get some first aid onto those injuries while you call our team for some specific treatment…



Eccentric Muscles?

Bad desk posture, and even moderately good desk posture can leave lasting effects, notably hunched shoulders, flexed neck and tight hips. This can often cause pain in the shoulders, back and neck as well as tight hamstrings and weak gluteal muscles. 

This week, the video consists of ONE single stretch-type exercise to help combat the pain of tendinitis and tendinopathies. It can be applied to almost any tendon in the body and can be done anywhere so there is no excuse not to at least try it!

Olympic Level Pain?

Neck and back pain are incapacitating, something I was unfortunate to be reminded about this week. However, it can be really quick and easy to reduce the pain to at least get you moving and in less pain enough to seek some more specific and professional help! 

What I don’t mention in this video is to remind you to use your ice pack too – 10minutes max at a time, in between keeping moving. Rest will not help, even if it feels like that is the most appealing option!

If you try this or are already having problems with aches and pains, don’t hesitate to come and see one of our team, no challenge too big and we can get you BACK on track in no time. 

Ready, Steady, STRETCH!

Staying flexible is vital for injury prevention and speedy recovery if you are injured. Here we look at how some of Team GBs athletes might be achieving this.

Tension in the gluteals, hamstrings and calf muscles can cause a myriad of other problems from low grade back pain (which you do not need to live with – that is what we are here for!) to the inability to create sufficient power when you run and jump. 

This week, the video consists of ONE single stretch-type exercise to help combat some of the tension you might have in your legs. 

Go on, imagine you are part of Team GB for a day….