How Does Posture Affect Your Brain?

Shoulders Back, Chin Up

The way we stand, sit and walk has far more longer reaching consequences than you may think.

What happens if you shake your head? You may be trying to say no to something, but does you body subconsciously say more than this to your brain? Studies have shown that when a person hugs themselves they were sometimes able to reduce their physical pain.

We also know that exercise is linked to happiness, what we don’t know for sure is if it is the physical exertion or simply moving our body that causes this improving mood.

Here are four more fantastic things that happen when our posture changes:

  1. Sit up straight and you are more likely to remember positive memories or think positively in general.
  2. Start walking with a spring in your step instead of a slow slumped walk and you will see a boost in energy, despite the increased effort.
  3. Your hormones changes (for the better) when you stand straight.
  4. Standing in a powerful pose will empower you – it will even make you take more risky bets. Good for some, less of others!

However, please do remember there is no one ‘best’ posture but indeed some things will always help so if you are ever worried about your posture or you think you need a reminder, please do get in touch with us here!

Below we have a wonderful talk in more detail about how posture and body language can improve our lives in lots of ways: