Can You Exercise Your Pain Away?

Can You Exercise Your Pain Away? Third Space Sports Medicine

Exercise is often used by osteopaths as an adjunct to our hands on treatment. It be used for many reasons – build strength, readdress muscle imbalances, build support for injured bones, joints and ligaments. But what if exercise could also work on the brain? 

There is lots of research about how exercise in general causes the production of serotonin – the happy hormone – in the body. What they didn’t know is that on a cellular level exercise also changes gene expression, by which we mean whether a gene in our DNA is switched on or not. 

Recent studies at the University of Manchester have shown that the number of opiate receptors may be increased when we do exercise, meaning that we are more sensitive to these brain painkilling hormones having done exercise and therefore feel less pain even with the same concentration in our body

This is great news for anyone who prefers not to take painkillers as a course of action as, theoretically, you will need to take fewer painkillers to have the same effect. Hopefully  this will also spur on lots of our other patients to at least try out the exercises we prescribe….we promise we are doing it for a reason! 

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